Windows Phone 8 Notifications

Windows Phone 8 has similar notification set as the Windows Phone 7 except for few additions.

windows phone 8 notifications

Signal strength
Battery power level
The battery is charging.
Battery saver mode is switched on.
Your calls are forwarded to another number or your voice mailbox.
There is no SIM card in your phone.
Your SIM card is locked.
A Bluetooth device is connected to your phone.
A Wi-Fi connection is available.
A Wi-Fi connection is active.
An app or service is using your location info.
Your phone is roaming and not on your home mobile network.
Vibrate mode is switched on.
Flight mode is switched on.
Silent mode is switched on.

Some of these are not visible until you press the top area of the display.

The type of mobile network you’re currently connected to may be shown with a single letter, a combination of letters, or a combination of letters and numbers. For example, 3G , depending on your network service provider. The icons may vary depending on your region or network service provider.