Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager — Transfer Text Message from Android to Computer

Like every perfect family has a good housekeeper to put all the things in good order, every kind of mobile phone should need effective software to support management.

A period of time after getting a new cell phone, a large number of owners will usually complain about some problems of data sorting and backup. For example, The internal storage and external SD card both have limited space, so that timing deletion for storing new files has become a necessary task; sometimes need to select and remove contacts which are useless, and plenty of text messages are waiting process; a massy of videos and photos should be classified; it is better to upgrade some of installed apps; most important of all, what if the valuable information reserved in the device unfortunately lost? This is really a headache thing.

Transfer Text Message from windows phone to Computer

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is a multi-functional managing program which is quite helpful to save Android users from a lot of trouble and concerns as above. It enables the Android phone and tables be connected to computer and makes it possible that consumers deal with the management proceeding in a more convenient and easily operated way!

By linking the Android phone and tablet and computer through Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager, users are able to transfer and backup phone files to computer, including contacts, apps, videos, pictures, music, SMS, etc. On one hand, this makes room for the fresh data; on the other hand, having a backed-up copy, people don’t need to always worry about the sudden loss of current information. And when needed, the data even would be restored on computer, just with the help of this “thoughtful housekeeper”. Similarly, data transmit from computer to phone and tablet is also available. In some respects, Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager acts as a significant bridge between our mobile phone and computer. In additional, when you are tired of sending the same text messages to many people one by one, which will waste much precious time, you can take full advantage of it. It supports the service of editing and forwarding SMS to a group of contacts in the same time and all of the operation is done on computer conveniently. There is no doubt that this new texting way will save considerable time of Android supporters. You can refer to this guide to transfer or backup text message from Android to computer.

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager is designed in order for better Android application. Android owners will efficiently manage their phone and tablet using the software. As more and more people choose Android products, it is necessary to develop and optimize Android management tools to meet various needs, and obviously that’s what Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager Team has been doing. Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager will be constantly improved in the future to become the essential Android helper!. …