Set Password on Windows Phone

Adding a password is important for the enterprise people. It is useful for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of security to their Windows Phone. To add a password, go to Settings and tap on the text that says “Lock & wallpaper”. If you are setting up the password for the first time, tap on “password” to turn it on and enter a password in the ‘new password’ textbox. You will have to re-enter it to confirm it. That is it, you have just assigned a password to your Windows Phone.

Set Password on Windows PhoneHowever, if you want to change the password, go to the same window (settings >> lock & wallpaper) and tap on the button that says “Change Password”. It will ask you to enter the current password before it allows you to enter the new password. When you are done, tap on the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.

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