How To Lock Windows Phone

Lock screen is a very simple but important feature that was first introduced by Apple in their smartphone. Windows Phone also has the same feature but you swipe upwards to unlock the screen instead of swiping to the right. So, to unlock a windows phone, turn it on by pressing the power button and flick your finger in the upward direction. If you have a set a password (to enhance security), you will see a keypad to enter it. Otherwise, you will see the home screen or the last used app.

Lock windows phone

You should also try out the ‘Screen Time out’ feature. This feature is available is also available in the ‘lock & wallpaper’ windows. This helps you to assign a time limit for the screen to time out – the amount of time before your Windows Phone automatically locks itself. If you have set a password on your windows phone, you will have to enter it again in order to unlock it. Otherwise, a simple upward swipe should suffice.