How to compress a video file to make them smaller

A lot of camcorders record videos uncompressed. This makes them huge in size but did you know one can compress a video file to make them smaller. In this tutorial we will teach you how to compress it without any significant loss of quality by using Movavi video converter. If you like watching movies and videos on your windows phone, you would want to find a way by downsizing big video files into smaller ones.

The Movavi video converter is so easy to use that you do not need an engineering degree to use it. Even a 5 year old can use it to compress video but first you must download it from its website. Now proceed with installation and start it.

How to compress a video file to make them smaller

Click on the Add Video button that is present on the upper left corner. Choose the file you want to compress and click on Open button. Since the Movavi video converter supports multiple file compression, feel free to select more videos for compression.

Now choose the video format you want your video to be encoded to. Since we are using a windows phone, the best video format is either WMV (windows media video) or MP4. The application offers myriad video formats which are suitable for other devices. Now you must choose the output folder where the converted files will be saved. You can do this by clicking on the Browse button and going to the desired folder. If you do not select the destination folder, your converted files will be saved in your default video directory.

The Movavi video converter lets you define the compression rate which modifies the bitrate. Adjusting the onscreen slider will change the output size and bitrate. After you done the selection, just tap on the Apply button. It shall be noted that video output size is just an estimate and the actual size may differ.

After setting everything up, simply press the Convert button to start the compression process. Since the algorithms used by Movavi video converter are so advanced, you will have your files converted in very less time. After the conversion process is complete, the output folder that you specified in previous step will open up. From here you can simply drap and drop the files into the Videos folder of your windows phone. You can also upload to YouTube, an online streaming service from here.