How To Block In App Purchases in Windows Phone

In app purchases are pain for both the end users. Some naïve gamers can end paying hundreds of dollars for something they are not even going to use in real live. And if you are not a gamer, your little kid can be lightening up your wallet when you end it to keep them occupied. Here is how you can block in app purchases in windows phone.

While the most efficient way to block is by switching off the Internet while you pay that game with lots of in app purchases, the wise (and the best) way to do it is hidden in the Windows Phone store app.

How To Block In App Purchases Windows Phone

Open up Store and tap the three little dots. Then tap on Settings and select PIN. After that, turn the Wallet PIN on, and enter PIN of your choice. Do not use 1234, use your ATM pin or bank pin, something your kid does not know.

How To Block In App Purchases in Windows Phone

Tap done. After that when ever you are about to spend money in a marketplace or an in app purchase, you will be prompted to enter the Wallet pin and since only you know it, your kid will not be able to lighten your wallet.