Fix Spinning Gears on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

All the Nokia Lumia is plagued with the spinning gears bug, which occurs when you hard reset your windows phone using the Reset option in the setting. Back in old days, one could just flash the phone with the Nokia Care Suite, but since Nokia has closed public access to Navifirm’s servers, the only option is to take it to Nokia Care Center who still have access to it.

Fix Spinning Gears Nokia Lumia

Fortunately, there is a way to get the ROM via Nokia software updater for Retail, which adds the option to fix spinning gears as “My device does not boots up.” So, download it from here and install it. Run it and click on my device does not boots up.

Fix Spinning Gears on Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Connect your phone via USB port and click continue. It will say disconnect – connect it nevertheless and follow the instructions on the screen.

Fix Spinning Gears Nokia Lumia Windows Phone nokia lumia brick

It will tell you to press + hold the power and volume button until it vibrates and your computer detects it again. You will be told that it will be downloading 1.2 GB firmware to cure your Lumia.