Find Text on Internet Explorer Mobile

It still amazes that many web browsers available on other smartphones do not allow you to search text on a particular web page. Fortunately, this is not the case with the web browser in Windows Phone. Every WP7 devices comes bundled with Internet Explorer Mobile, a very capable web browser that runs on the same coding as its desktop counterpart – Internet Explorer 7. The Mango update will bring Internet Explorer 9 Mobile to the windows phone that also introduces even better hardware acceleration.

find-text-internet-explorer-windows-phone So how do you search for text on a web page. Simple. Click the three dots at the bottom to bring the menu. Then select the text that says “find on page”. This will bring a text box where you can type in the text to be searched. If the text is found, it will highlight the matching texts. You can navigate to the next or previous matches by clicking on the right and left arrow buttons.