Export Play Music to Groove

In this tutorial, we will show you how to export your Google Play Music playlists and add them to Groove.

Export Play Music to Groove

1. Follow this link and follow the instructions on creating a text list of the playlist you like.

2. After you have your list, copy it from the Chrome console. Open Microsoft Excel and paste the text in box A1 on a fresh spreadsheet. Click the “Data” tab, followed by the “Text to Columns” button. Click “next” then put a check in the box next to “Other” and insert a dash “-” (without quotes) into the box. Click “Next” followed by “Finish”. Next, select all of Column B and delete the entire column. This will delete Album names from the document. Finally, save the spreadsheet as a .txt document. Accept that formatting and changes will be made to the document.

3. Go to Soundiiz and click “Convert”. Sign into Groove using your username and password. Go to the center of the page where a large red box is located and click “Import Playlist File”. Select your .txt spreadsheet and click “XBOXMUSIC”. The playlist file will be uploaded, converted, and added to your Groove Playlists.

This method is FAR from perfect, but I feel it’s enough to get going if you’re in the same situation I am. The first time I did it, Soundiiz only matched 53 of my 256 songs, thus the point in step 2 where you delete the Album Names from the spreadsheet. This almost tippled my converted songs, but it still wasn’t able to find all of them.