Copy Paste on Windows Phone

Windows Phone operating system has supported copy and paste functionality, like forever. It was there from the day one and has been implemented wonderfully into the operating system.

windows phone copy paste

Tap a word, drag the circles before and after the word to highlight the section you want to copy, and tap “copy icon” . To paste the text, tap “paste icon”. Some more similar stuff you can do on your phone.

Please note that you cannot “cut” on a windows phone.

Add an accent to a character: Tap and hold the character, and tap the accented character.
Delete a character: Tap the backspace key.
Switch between the writing languages: Tap the language key repeatedly until the language you want is shown. The language key is only shown when more than one language is selected.
Move the cursor: Tap and hold the text until you see the cursor. Without lifting your finger, drag the cursor to the place you want.