Add Friends on xBox Live for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone is the only smartphone out there that allows the users to interact with other xBox players. In fact, many games – the ones titled as ‘xBox live’ games let you earn gamer points, which add to your xBox Live score. However, adding friend on your windows phone is little tricky as windows phone do not come pre-installed with xbox Live extras app which lets users to keep track of their friends, messages and game invites.

Windows phone add friend xbox live

First fire up marketplace on your phone and go to the ‘games’ section. Hit the search button on your phone and type in “xbox live extras”. Tap on it and install it (it is free). Come out of marketplace and go to Games. Move to the third tile that says “Xbox Live”.┬áTap on it. Keep swiping to the right or left until you come on the ‘friends’ windows. Hit the search button at the bottom to input your friend’s gamertag. That is it.